Welcome! I am a graduate student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at KAIST in South Korea. My research is in probability theory, and my advisor is Paul Jung. Please check out the Articles page for my write-ups. I also have a YouTube channel where I explain things in Korean.


Office: E2-3202
Email: cwy lastname at icloud dot com (all in lowercase)


A note on invariance of the Cauchy and related distributions.
Statistics and Probability Letters, (2020) 158, with Paul Jung and Greg Markowsky.

A Probabilistic Proof of a Wallis-type Formula for the Gamma Function.
The American Mathematical Monthly, (2020) 127:1, 75-79.

How to pronounce my name

Calvin Wooyoung Chin [ˈkʰæɫvɪn ˈ(w)uːjʌŋ ˈt͡ʃʰɪn]
진우영 [t͡ɕʰìn‿ujʌŋ]